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 Mena international Co. (Established, 1998 its owners, Eng. Badia Raouf and Eng. Sameh Raouf) with a track record of experience before establishment date and have been recognized as on of the best office supplier in the Middle- Eastern market. We are proud manufacturer and importer of office furniture including executive desks  conference tables, book cases, office systems, filing cabinets, swivel chairs,  leather  sofa  and  all related  parts  and accessories  according to customer requirements Our international network of suppliers bosses the ISO9002 standard certification, Meaning that our products and services guarantees excellent quality, safety and durability Our  innovative design  solutions  is focused  on  understanding the  needs  and requirements of  our  customers  and  analyzing  occupation plans  and  patterns of Operation all of which are conducted by our highly trained professional personal and technicians. 

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